Okumetameta Wilderness Experience - 6 Days

Okumetameta Wilderness Experience - 6 Days

In Namibia the cultures of the people have been so adversely affected by civilization over time, that today it is highly unlikely to find a tribe that has not been exposed to westernization. Europeans first explored Namibia in the early 1400s and the indigenous tribes’ way of life have been altered ever since. Sadly, the most significant changes to the way of life of the indigenous people took place in the 1800s when missionaries and explorers started to establish a permanent presence among the people of Namibia.

The Bushmen are the oldest ethnic group in Namibia having inhabited Southern Africa for an estimated 20.000 years. The South African \"homeland\" policy forced them to settle in remote \"THE GREAT KALAHARI’’. The friendly people still live a traditional life as hunters and gatherers. Whereas the women collect wild fruits, berries and wild onions rich in starch, the men pursue hunting. The Bushmen have a deep understanding of nature and the ecology. They are able to identify hundreds of plant species and are known to be excellent animal trackers. Our tour is conducted from an expedition style base-camp within a private farm in the Kalahari Desert.

Our tours are predominately skills based with a large emphasis on you, the guest or student, gaining first hand experience. We guide you carefully through each activity in a form of talks, explanation and demonstration, leaving time for you to try it yourself and employ the skills, under the expert guidance of our local instructors.

Comfortable walking shoes, wide brim hat, sun screen, sunglasses & personal water bottle (2litres), small back pack to carry your water for the walk.Warm jacket, (summer & winter), flashlight, camera & film.

Price Valid till:
01 April 2013 until end December 2014
Rate Per Person:
2-4 people = N$13 850.00 per person per person
5 upwards: = N$8560.00 Per person
5 Nights, 6 Days
Windhoek At 08h30
  • Day 1: Departure from Windhoek to our base camp
    Departure from Windhoek to our base camp/farm in the Great Kalahari where we will make camp. Whilst sitting around the campfire you will learn more from the local people and their lives. Dinner included
  • Day 2 & 3- Okumetameta
    Practical lessons in stalking, hiding, how to light a fire the Bushmen way. Making fire the Bushman way is also part of your Kalahari walk and the paramount significance of this primal element will come alive for you as you watch the fire sticks working their magic. Today you will make your own rope from natural fibres and try out several trapping techniques. Make your own bow and arrow and learn how to use it and control your traps and snares. Try your hand at making the seemingly frail bow and arrow, and with any luck, your guide will find the beetles used to make the potent hunting poison. They also teach us to make our own ostrich egg pearls and jewellery in the old Bushmen tradition. During these days we will be taught singing, dancing, playing games, and might learn a few words of this difficult language and a little song; we shoot our bow, throw a spear and might watch the traditional doctor healing a patient. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included.
  • Day 4-Okumetameta
    Dawn’s early light finds you walking the Kalahari sands, with your Bushman guide in preparation of another day in the bushveld. Your Bushman guide, at times accompanied by an interpreter, will stop frequently to point out a tree, leaf, bush or underground tuber that is either eaten raw, roasted or boiled, or ground into a powder and made into a natural remedy. An opportunity of gaining knowledge on edible and traditional medicinal plants. They will give you a glimpse...Tonight we will sleep out in the bush around the fire under the African stars and experience a great deal of life out there, just as they did in the pass. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included
  • Day 5-Okumetameta
    During the morning walk returning to our based camp, your Bushman guides will share their rich heritage of accumulated knowledge that makes the Bushman masters of this harsh environment and introduce you to the ethnobotany and ecology of the surroundings. The San’s skill at tracking animals is unparalleled; your guide can not only identify the type of animal from a spoor but also its sex, speed, whether it was hungry or not. You will learn the basic art of tracking, silent communication, movements and wind directions.

    There is also an opportunity to experience a great part of farm life based on their day-to-day activities including join cow milking, making of local cream and witness how they are working in the field. Meet the locals working on the farm and visiting their homesteads and just spend time with them. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included
  • Day 6-Return to Windhoek
    After breakfast we break down camp and return to Windhoek. Here we say goodbye to our friends & the host family before returning to Windhoek. Breakfast included
Inclusive in our Rates:
  • Activities as stated in the itinerary (only)
  • English speaking guide
  • 1% or 2% Government Bed Levy
  • 6 Days vehicle and fuel
  • 2x Transfer from Hosea Kutako Airport
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Guide meals and accommodation included
  • Park Fees
Excluded from our Rates:
  • All expenses of a personal nature
  • Flights to/from in or outside Namibia
  • Changes in the itinerary while on tour
  • Personal Travel / Medical / Luggage insurance
  • Activities not stated in the itinerary or not mentioned (optional)
  • Entrance fees – personal expenses, alcoholic drinks, tips / porterage

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